Used Machines From Europe

Used Machines from Europe

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kleines_bild2Used machines from dismantling to final commissioning

We have been trading with used metal working machines for more than 20 years and if you wish to learn more about GPC then please click on the feature „about GPC“ to see more details.

To give you a better impression as to how we work and in order to select GPC as your Partner for marketing used machine tools, we wish to give you an insight into our capabilities.

The machines which we offer and which you can see on our website are sourced from various channels in Europe. We have been assigned to market these machines via our Internet Platform and market same within our worldwide marketing concept.

We generate these activities not only for dealers but also many end-users also wish to market their machines using our infra-structure, i.e. these machines are offered straight from site and are mainly machines which can be seen under power. The advantages both for seller and buyer are evident as mentioned previously.

We have permanent contact to selected business partners in Europe:



German speaking countries






Dealers – German speaking


European Dealers – English speaking



We should also mention our contacts to the USA and Canada, we have contact with over 500 companies as below.

Business contacts USA/Canada



When you as an overseas client wish to buy a machine, we can offer to you the entire logistics so that you can purchase the machine such as: inspection of the machine, (alone or together with you), ensure an orderly dismantling of the machine, loading supervision, and transport –worldwide. Since 20 years we work with one experienced logistic company Messrs. AVION -see

We trust that you have gained a good overview of our activities, and that you have selected in GPC the right partner.

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