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Messrs. GPC - GERMAN Partner Consulting – has been trading with used machines and plant since April, 1st, 1988.

Our main focus lies in trading and associated services related to machine tools respective metal working machines and complete plant and equipment. GPC was founded on the 01.04.1988. Both company directors Peter Hoff and Bernard Cervi had prior to the establishment of GPC several years of experience in the field of trading with used machinery and thus bringing many years of experience and competence in this area of work.

Immediately after the foundation of GPC the main operational  focus was directed towards export markets, above all Asia. There are hardly any countries which Peter Hoff has not visited and therefore not only to tie business contacts but many of which have developed into personal relations over the years. We have exhibited at several international shows and thus built up over the years longstanding business contacts. GPC benefits from this experience as also our clients who entrust us with the worldwide marketing of their machines.

Bernard Cervi is responsible above all for the management  of European markets. Not only can he avail of his 25 years of experience in the machine tool trade but also his linguistic capabilites play an important role. As an Irish citizen his mother tongue is English, but he also speaks fluent German, Italian, French, Spanish and some Portuguese.

It should also be mentioned that since its founding in 1988 GPC developed its own in-house Software-Packet especially developed for the machine tool business.  The seed capital of the company was invested in PC-Technology (as this time PC’s were not a regular office feature). The software was developed according to rigid system specifications developed by GPC. During the early 1990’s GPC could therefore present a Database concept which set an industry software standard for ca. 40 dealers and which is in its updated version still is in use today.

Thus GPC’s path was pre-determined and was one of the first dealers to have a web presence which lead to the foundation of midas* GmbH. This company developed a Database concept for the used machine tool industry enabling dealers to present their used machines on the web. Thirty years ago this was a Marketing-Tool, in today’s environment it is a matter of course. In order to publicize worldwide the Internet address a print medium was launched – the midas* -report – a magazine for used machine tools with a circulation of 20.000 copies in German and 30.000 copies in English sent to over 100 countries worldwide.

Naturally and inevitably GPC/midas* was prominent in setting up this concept. Towards the end of the 1990’s during the so-called .com companies came more and more into focus. GPC/midas* could avail of the opportunity to promote its activities in this market sector and fortunately could overcome many obstacles and follow its aims.

From this past and many years of experience and industry specific competence GPC has developed structures which it has taken into this millennium and since 2002 GPC concentrates on its core business namely – trading with used metalworking machinery.

This has resulted that through GPC’s past activities over 300.000 addresses have been verifiably recorded and  entered into our client database. This has resulted in the electronic NEWSLETTER feature which GPC circulates regularly to over 36.000 German speaking clients, and 140.000 copies in the English version.

We specifically indicate the above in detail so that you can convince yourself that it is worth your while to utilize the above features for marketing your machines through GPC. Consider this does not cost you anything and is without obligation. For further details please click here.

In the past, and as in the future GPC can offer additional services such as complete “turn-key” handling – which for us is a matter of course.   Upon request machines can be technically pre-checked before shipment for functional operation, if required parts can be replaced. Not only do we handle the usual logistics involving dismantling, loading, shipping, and eventually deployment of engineers to the country of sale, GPC also offers a complete “after Sales Service”, which goes without saying.

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